The Money Magnet: Molech The Astral Talisman

“By lending out deposits the banks are in fact creating money out of thin air. Consider the amount of money in the system before the series oflending transactions.”~The Magic of Money and Banking

Has anyone noticed that the SAME EYE that is on the chest of the bull Molech is also on the Federal Reserve Bank Notes?

Could Molech be the Astral Talisman that sorcerers used to enslave people to the banking system and the acceptance of fiat money?

Years ago, I read somewhere that there was a magical rite performed to establish the banking industry. I read that there was a hidden Talisman that kept the deception in place, and the masses subservient to it’s demands. At the time, I didn’t think much of this information. However, recently, I was watching a documentary on Molech. Many believe that he was also called Baal. I am wondering if Molech and Mammon are two sides of the same coin.

Molech is the evil Astral Entity that demands innocent blood in exchange for the fulfillment of one’s proverbial wish list. Whereas, Mammon is the evil Astral Entity of the lowest forms of wealth. Most of the time a person’s wish list contains only the lowest forms of wealth. Of course, that is just my opinion.

I want you to think about the banking industry today. It may also help to do your own research on Molech and Mammon.

The following article by the late Tracy Twyman regarding money is an interesting thing to read. However, she never mentions Molech or any other Astral Entity.

The Magic and Mystery of America’s Money

The Magic of Money and Banking is also a good read.

In all your learning, get understanding. Endeavor to learn the true origins of the systems and processes that govern your daily life. Then, you will be able to appreciate the light, and not depend so much on the darkness to keep you safe. There is no safety in ignorance. What we don’t know can, and will harm us.



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Tonya Shepherd

Tonya Shepherd

I am an interfaith Ordained Minister; an Accredited Professional Life Coach; a Personal Growth Consultant; Life Strategist; and Reiki Master.