If You Want To Be Successful…

If you want to be truly successful, NEVER cater to your WEAKNESSES.

If you cater to your weaknesses on any level, you will never be able to turn those vulnerabilities into strengths.

What do I mean by catering to weaknesses?

Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you are cash poor. Notice that I did not say, poverty. Both poverty and wealth are states of mind. They are inner states of consciousness that produce external results.

Before one can be externally wealthy, they must first have an internal Wealth- Consciousness. Likewise, if a person has a Poverty-Consciousness, it does not matter how much money they have. They will always end up lacking in some way.

Why? Internal Consciousness produces External Results.

Now, let’s go back to my cash-poor example. Let’s say that you have the proper internal Wealth-Consciousness, but you are cash poor. Being cash poor is your vulnerability at this time. Therefore, you must not allow yourself to engage in anything that has to do with poverty, because it will feed on the weakness.

Like attracts like. As above, so below. As within, so without. As below, so above.

If you are cash poor, you should not be volunteering or working at food pantries, shelters, or any place where one must declare themselves to be far BELOW the poverty level. If you want to be rich.

Why? The spiritual, mental, and emotional force fields of poverty around these places and the images of lack will directly affect your internal Wealth-Consciousness and your perception of money. Your vulnerability will be magnified before your eyes, and that is not what you want to happen.

The same is true if your weakness is a sickness. If you are sick and have an internal Health-Consciousness. Do not go volunteer or work at a hospital or hospice, or work at a funeral home. Do not congregate where sick or dead people dwell. If you want to be healthy or live.

Understand this, in every situation of weakness, spiritual thoughtforms and egregores are prepared to feed on the energy of it. These thoughtforms and egregores embody within them tentacles that connect to like-minded people, in the form of soul-ties, overlays, associations, convergences, and correspondences. They form spiritual, emotional, and mental cords of manipulation and control that are meticulously designed to steal your power, suck the energy out of you, prevent you from stepping into your highest of the highest, and best authority, power, wealth, agency, health, money, creativity, and all else of the highest of the highest and best that belongs to you by Divine Right.

How does this draining of internal energy and personal power take place?

Well, your weakness, is something that you may be able to handle. However, when clusters of weaknesses enter your auric fields, energy conduits, and power centers. The lower astral levels of the mind are activated by negative, evil, perverted, and/or wicked egregores and thoughtforms, and wreak havoc in your life by using your imagination against you.

You will begin to think and feel in ways that are inimical to your highest of the highest best interest. You are no match alone for the negative energy of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people’s weaknesses being magnified in your life, masquerading as your own.

Therefore, if you are cash poor, go where there is wealth. Start your own business or, go work at a bank, investment firm, an equity firm, or anywhere else where money flows freely, and can positively feed the Wealth-Consciousness in you.

If you are sick, go where there is health. Go work at a gym, or any other place where your Health-Consciousness can be properly nourished.

It’s true on every level. If your weakness is a lack of knowledge, go volunteer or work at a library, a university, or anywhere where powerful knowledge is not suppressed and flows freely.

Do not cater to your weakness by feeding it. Instead, in the highest and best ways, turn your vulnerabilities into strengths.

Always remember that…

There are positive egregores and thoughtforms too, and the positive energy of those clusters will strengthen and empower you. This is the true way to turn any vulnerability into a strength.

In the truest sense, egregores and thoughtforms are a Mastermind. They are a dominant Collective that works in one accord, without contradiction.

Negative egregores and thoughtforms are a Negative Mastermind.

Positive egregores and thoughtforms are a Positive Mastermind.

It is up to you to choose what you will align yourself with. The consequences for each action are within the deed itself. Sometimes, we only get one choice to make the right decision. This is why it is important to make all decisions, wisely, intelligently, thoughtfully, and consciously.

YOU ARE in control of YOUR LIFE.

On all levels, we have the authority and power to choose wealth or poverty. It all begins in the mind. Internal Consciousness produces External Results.

Never believe that you do not have the power to choose your fate. If we did not have the authority and power to choose our fate. No one would ever be able to commit suicide. If we can choose our fate by ending our life with our own hand. We have the true authority and power to choose our fate on every level.

The reason that we believe otherwise, is centuries of the conditioning of learned helplessness. Something that we must unlearn to be successful in life.

Choose self-reliance. Choose self-sufficiency.

How do you do this?

You do this by reserving the right to think for yourself and draw your conclusions.

You do this by surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people, who have your best interest at heart.

You do this by loving yourself, and not sacrificing what’s important to you.

You do this by living the highest of the highest and best life because you deserve it.

Today, in all things: choose wisely, for the highest and best results.




I am an interfaith Ordained Minister; an Accredited Professional Life Coach; a Personal Growth Consultant; Life Strategist; and Reiki Master.

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Tonya Shepherd

Tonya Shepherd

I am an interfaith Ordained Minister; an Accredited Professional Life Coach; a Personal Growth Consultant; Life Strategist; and Reiki Master.

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